Featuring the finest range of Rice Mill Rubber Products like Rice Polisher Rubber Break, Plastic Elevator Buckets, etc.
About Us

At Alaska Rubbers Private Limited, the fundamental factor behind our consistent growth in the market is the highest quality that we maintain in our range of Rice Mill Rubber Products. We established ourselves back in the year of 1978 as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a diverse selection of goods. Our wide range includes products such as Rice Mill Rubber Rollers, Plastic Elevator Buckets, Rice Polisher Break Rubber Breaks and a plenty of others. Throughout the years, the higher quality and comparably reasonable prices that we maintain in our collection helps us to be widely recognized among the customers across the local as well as global market. Furthermore, our aim is to keep maintaining the quality and retain more customers. 

Our Team

A knowledgeable and highly-trained team of experts in our organization has always contributed to our success. Our team comprises industrial experts who are using their skills to improve our profitability. The key considerations that our team is always working at, are the following:

  • They conduct extensive research and development and introduce new and innovative ideas for refreshing our broad product selection.
  • They execute all procedures with optimum efficiency in the facility so that customer needs can be met as easily as possible.
  • They ensure that all products manufactured are thoroughly inspected and comply with the highest degree of quality.
  • They give teamwork highest priority and coordinate all activities inside the organisation efficiently.

Quality Assurance

Many facets of a production-based business are assessed by the customers, but the quality of goods a company provides can be considered as the most important element and it is the main concern for our company, Alaska Rubbers Private Limited. In every single operation of our premises, we uphold the highest quality standards, whether it is the procurement of raw materials or in the manufacturing process of our Rice Rubber Products such as Rice Break Rubber, Rice Mill Rubber Roller, Plastic Elevator Buckets and many more. We also ensure that the manufactured goods are checked upon various quality norms. In this way, we are able to assure quality in all of our company operations and deliver the best to our customers as well.

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